#FuckCancer goes on sale + press! Yeah!


If you haven’t heard, #FuckCancer The True Story of How Robert the Bold Kicked Cancer’s Ass by Robert Flores is on sale over at Amazon. I’ve been waiting for it to show up there and never know what to expect from Amazon. I do expect it to trickle over to B&N soon and everywhere else there after. It’s also available to order through Ingram, if you are so inclined to carry it in your library and or bookstore…hint, hint.

There’s already a great review for it up on Amazon and I encourage everyone to share their feelings about the book. Those reviews help! And if that wasn’t cool enough, Gustavo Arellano wrote a killer piece for it in the OC Weekly. Go read it! Gustavo also wrote the foreword for #FuckCancer.

Books are on their way to the west coast and Robert will have several readings soon. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear about his story in person! I will post details as soon as I get them.I will also have copies soon and will sell them in the BSP store just as soon as I get them. I am also working with Robert to set up a charity where people can donate money to help fight cancer.

In the meantime, please get your copy at Amazon and tell your friends. This book needs your support. Fuck cancer!

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