A case of the LatinX crabs and Gustavo Arellano

Ugh. So, on New Year’s Eve, I swore off internet drama (for the umpteenth time) and vowed to head into 2018 sucka free, but here I am again, asking for trouble. But I feel that I need to speak on this issue, if for nothing else, for my own peace of mind. Recently, I learned […]

Crossroad blues

I went down to the crossroads tried to flag a low ride Down to the crossroads tried to flag a low ride Nobody seemed to know me Chale, everybody passed me by You can run, you can run tell my friend Chicano Soul You can run, you can run… tell my friend Chicano Soul And […]

The way forward is backward

“10:15, personal note: It’s fair to say I’m stepping out on a limb, but I am on the edge and that’s where it happens.” – Maximilian Cohen, Pi (1998) Personal note: The way forward is not really forward but back. I realize how that sounds, especially now, but allow me to explain. I also realize […]

The cult of illusory superiority – Part 2: The Dunning-Kruger effect

I’m bored and should be working on my book so I’m going to procrastinate by rambling on here about shit no one’s gonna give a rat’s ass about. Ok? Ok. I want to continue where I left off with my last post about the cult of illusory superiority. If you haven’t read part one, it’s […]

UPDATED: In defense of Mexican-American ‘hate speech’ in AZ – victory!

*UPDATE 8-23: Federal Judge says AZ’s ban is racially discriminatory! Maybe now people will understand why protecting speech matters, but I doubt it. I never got into the ‘free speech wars’ to defend Nazis, goddammit! I never fell on this broken sword to defend the likes of those who disgust me. For fuck’s sake, I […]