Crossroad blues

I went down to the crossroads tried to flag a low ride Down to the crossroads tried to flag a low ride Nobody seemed to know me Chale, everybody passed me by You can run, you can run tell my friend Chicano Soul You can run, you can run… tell my friend Chicano Soul And […]

The way forward is backward

“10:15, personal note: It’s fair to say I’m stepping out on a limb, but I am on the edge and that’s where it happens.” – Maximilian Cohen, Pi (1998) Personal note: The way forward is not really forward but back. I realize how that sounds, especially now, but allow me to explain. I also realize […]

An open letter to past friends, so-called enemies and the legion of silent frenemies

This is an open to letter to all the folks whom I have written off over the years (and who have written me off), both online and in person, but mostly online. This is to all those people with whom I’ve had arguments, disagreements, spats, shouting matches, differences of opinion, different politics, knockdown drag out […]

The continuing exploitation of Chicano culture part 666 or “sexy wetbacks” and selling cholo in SoHo

I probably shouldn’t write about this. Not because it’s taboo and gonna draw the ire of the new church ladies (see: SJWs), but because I probably shouldn’t waste my time, but here goes anyway. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before… Hip New York designer “discovers” Chicano fashion, recreates it to suit their own […]

Punching Nazis, the resistance and why you’re all full of shit

Growing up, I never once in my mind believed that random white people were going to step in and prevent me from getting my ass kicked by bigots, or shield me from racial epithets, or have my back when shit got real with racist cops. My entire life, of which I’m coming up on the […]