Rethinking ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’

*Editor’s note: I originally wrote this on Tumblr but never published it. It stayed in my drafts for years. I have since consequently deleted my Tumblr account. I also talked about this film on a podcast I did in 2013. If you’re interested in listening to that podcast you can find it here.  Also, I realize […]

Nightmare City (1980) Dir. Umberto Lenzi – why did no one tell me about this film?!

httpss:// Why was I not told about this film sooner!? I only recently heard about it because legendary special effects man, Tom Savini, is set to remake Nightmare City in 2016. His crowdfunding camping was a success! Boom! I absolutely loved what Savini did with Night of the Living Dead. So much in fact, that I […]

Review: It Follows (2014)

“Childhood is over the moment you know you’re going to die.” – Top Dollar, The Crow (1994) “Nothing gold can stay.” – Johnny, The Outsiders (1983) These two quotes came to mind after watching It Follows (2014), directed by David Robert Mitchell. They didn’t come to mind immediately after watching the movie but in doing […]

Review: Creep (2014)

Creep (2014) Rated R – 77 minutes When a cash-strapped videographer takes a job in a remote mountain town, he finds that the client has some unsettling ideas in mind. I almost didn’t make it through Creep (2014) the first time I watched it because frankly, it started to creep me out, for lack of […]

Review: We Are Still Here

I watched ‘We Are Still Here,’ from Dark Sky films recently. It was mediocre at best. I’d been wanting to see it as it was hyped by some as a homage to the gore and splatter of Italian master Lucio Fulci. Plus, it was produced by the same people that did ‘The House of the Devil’ and ‘Starry […]