The case for Ducktown and why it deserves a revival

As promised, I wrote about Josh Divine’s Ducktown, published in 2013,  over on the Facebook page. Make sure to head over there and check it out to read about why this book deserves a revival and what you can do to help. There’s also a huge gallery of Ducktown strips as well as behind the […]

BSP adds stickers!

For the first time ever, Broken Sword Publications is offering stickers! You can purchase these separately for $3 each (2 for $5) or get one FREE with the purchase of any book! More details here! 

Josh Divine to sign Ducktown on Free Comic Book Day

Josh Divine, creator of the comic strip Ducktown, will be signing copies of his now controversial and *cursed book, Josh Divine’s Ducktown, at Time Warp Comics in Colorado for Free Comic Book Day on May 3rd, 2014. Josh will join other local artists from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST and will be drawing one […]

The Ballad of Ducktown: Heaven and Hell

“But have you read Ducktown..?” That’s my typical response/question to just about any question thrown at me these days. And people usually look at me with a blank stare and their mouths agape as their eyes begin to glaze over. “Duck what..? What the hell is a duck town?” Right. I published Josh Divine’s Ducktown in […]

Ducktown: So good, people are stealing it!

Josh Divine’s Ducktown is so hilarious that people are stealing it! That’s a Hell of a book! Actually, they are trying to steal from you and using Ducktown as bait. Allow me to explain… Josh Divine, author of Ducktown, brought this to my attention today and I investigated only to find out that this site […]