¡Ban This! spotted at Modern Times Bookstore in the Mission District

Ban This in SF
Photo by @_BellaPerla

Recently, ¡Ban This! The BSP Anthology of Xican@ Literature was spotted at Modern Times Bookstore in the Mission District of San Francisco, Califas. Twitter pal, @_BellaPerla, shared this photo with me and I was ecstatic. Why? Because it’s fantastic when indie stores support indie publishers.

This is an uphill battle sometimes and I often tell people that they can help support indie publishers/writers and artists by requesting their books etc. at their local bookstores and libraries. It’s that easy and it’s a huge help.

The libraries and indie stores that have supported BSP have been invaluable. Thank you!!

If anyone remembers the headache I had with Vroman’s in L.A., you will appreciate why I am digging this so much. It’s hard enough competing for space on the shelf with mainstream publishers in mainstream bookstores so this was a very welcome surprise.

I am thrilled to have ¡Ban This! Northern Cali! The way this book has spread has been a beautiful process to watch.

I also want to remind everyone that BSP sells copies of ¡Ban This! and our other titles (including the forthcoming Ducktown) direct. All titles come signed and ship Priority mail. For more info please click here.

Support your local indie bookstores, publishers and your local libraries!


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