All my friends know the Lowriter

Lowriding and Lowriting have come full circle in this indie publishing cruise through the cosmos and we could not be happier. Art Meza, the iconic photographer behind Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul, has been discovered by the legendary band WAR. 

WAR, who created the number one associated song with lowrider culture, “Lowrider,” is using Meza’s photo At Odds to announce their upcoming 2014 tour dates. You can download the photo below!

Meza (and myself) are lifelong WAR fans, so this is pretty special.

2014-07-29 - Tour Poster

It’s also a little funny (for me) because I’ve said in several interviews that normally, when you mention lowriders one of two things automatically come up: WAR’s Lowrider song and/or a Cheech Marin impersonation.

In fact, in a recent radio interview I did in Albuquerque, the bumper music was, of course, Lowrider, and we had a good laugh about it during the interview.

And I have to honest here – context matters. It frustrating sometimes to be automatically stereotyped by people…BUT! for the band themselves to not only recognize Meza’s talent but also embrace it to represent themselves. Well, that’s an honor to say the least!

In fact, the band told Meza,  “We feel your photos embody what WAR is.”


Still, the mainstream press avoids this book, which is silly considering the company it has. With fans like George Lopez, Cheech Marin and now WAR just to name a few, how could anyone not be a fan of Meza’s work?

That said, I am THRILLED that regular people continue to enjoy and embrace this book. That was the goal after all.

I did not publish Lowriting for academia nor for a high brow crowd. People sipping tea and discussing literary accolades down their noses are not ones to blast WAR’s song on a Sunday afternoon cruise. Nor are they the crowd likely to embrace the shots, rides and stories from the Chicano soul.

I wanted to celebrate those people and the culture behind these cars with this book and I think we accomplished that quite well.

If you are a fan of Meza’s work then you will absolutely love Lowriting. You can find this photo (and many more) in the pages of Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul

I’ve said it before but: Support our diverse books!!

Snag a copy of Lowriting today and help spread the word. Review it if you can! Ask for it at your local book store and library and recommend it to a friend – it makes a great gift.

Indie publishing continues to makes leaps and bounds because of the support of people like you!

Thanks for reading!

– S|J|R

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