Welcome to Broken Sword Publications, LLC. BSP is a small and independent American publishing company that specializes in printing material the mainstream would never consider. We are a 100% independent publisher of underground, subversive and counter culture books since 2002. We are also a true 1st Amendment advocate. BSP continues to provide an alternative to traditional publishing houses – free from corporate censorship and marketing tactics. We pride ourselves on producing raw, independent and underground material.

This publishing house began with the simple goal of getting my own writing out there on the market. After several attempts at getting traditional publishers to sneeze in my direction I decided to take matters into my own hands – this company and its books are the result. Following in the footsteps of people that I admired in (and outside of) the industry, I was determined to get my work out there by any means necessary and on my own terms.

If you would like a full history, as well as some insight as to how BSP came about, please read my full-length interview with Art, Music, Writing Magazine which ran in May 2014.

BSP remains an underground publishing house and we have enjoyed both growing as a company and expanding our audience. BSP has been featured on radio, web, print and television from coast to coast and our books have reached the shelves of both traditional and independent bookstores stores, as well as select public libraries, and as teaching material in universities and both public/private schools.

BSP had the honor of participating in the 2013 and 2014 Tucson Festival of Books. In 2013 we presented an all-star panel about one of our books, live on C-SPAN. In 2014 we brought indie publishing to all of the Southwestern United States and beyond, including to the Honda Center.

I am more than proud of these accomplishments and cannot thank all of you enough who continue to support independent publishing.

In these days of political correctness run amok, wholesale lies, censorship, the thought police and book banning, BSP continues to fight for the independence of print and freedom of thought. Please feel free to browse our titles and let us know what you think.