Social experiment for good? Hardly.

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There’s an electrical storm outside my window and periodic strobe light flashes of lightning are threatening to shut the power off. It’s raining, which is hardly news where I am, but there are several things that I am not doing right now which are noteworthy. Continue reading

Belated updates and other stuff: Indie publishing on the big stage

These last couple of months  have been Hell work and time-wise so I have neglected updating the site. Shame on me. For those of you still paying attention, there were a couple of huge events that occurred. Continue reading

Lowriting set to hit the Honda Center for George Lopez show on 6/21

Art Meza - Photo by KCRW

Lowriting: Shots, Rides & Stories from the Chicano Soul will be making its big stage debut at the Honda Center in Anaheim when George Lopez brings his “Mas Chingón” comedy show there on 6/21. Continue reading


Interview: Fighting With A Broken Sword

During my last visit to Tucson for the Festival of Books, I was interviewed by Music Art Writing Magazine. MAW does both print and digital issues and yours truly is featured in the current issue – I even made the cover! You can order print or digital copies on their site. Please give this one a read as I covered a lot of stuff in this interview including how I came up with the name for BSP, my humble beginnings and transition from EMT to publisher.  Thank you to Greg from MAW for reaching out and allowing me to share some insight with his audience. The press is much appreciated! Here’s a teaser of the interview, check out the rest on their site and leave a comment!

- S|J|R Continue reading

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